New Instrument and Equipment

In chemical, pharmaceutical, clinical, food-processing, and oil refinery laboratories as well as other settings, a wide range of equipment are employed for analytical purposes. Analytical tools aid in material and composition evaluation. There are many different types of analytical equipment, such as mass spectrometers, chromatographs (such as gas chromatography and high performance liquid chromatography), titrates, spectrometers (such as X-ray, fluorescence, and AAS), particle size analysers, rheometers (which measure the flow and deformation of matter), elemental analysers (such as salt analysers, CHN analysers, and thermal analysers), and others

  • New trends in the analytical determination of contaminants
  • NMR analysis of natural samples
  • Preparation automation for gas chromatography injection
  • Laboratory and industrial instrumentation
  • Analytical instruments for nanomaterial study

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